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This is Project Categories. The point of this group is to make sure that all 746 articles and 2,748 have proper categories. This group also makes sure that the category standards are met. The current head is: Zach

Category Standards

The following qualify as categories:

  • Images of <insert character here>
  • Images of <insert item here>
  • Images of <insert episode here>
  • Licensing categories
  • Completed page categories
  • Saga categories (i.e Xiaolin Showdown)
  • Seasonal Categories

The following DO NOT qualify as categories:

  • User related categories

Current Members

Former Members

Tasks chart

  • Add standard categories to all the Xiaolin Showdown Shen Gong Wu.


Members who are accepted into The Category Project are asked to add our userbox to their user page:
{{User Category}}.

This user is a member of the Category Project.
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