This is the script for the console version (ps2, psp, and xbox) of the Xiaolin Showdown videogame.


Master Fung: Thousands of years ago, a furious battle was waged against the great and noble xiaolin dragon grandmaster Dashi and the evil Heylin witch Wuya. This was the first xiaolin showdown. Wuya pitted her dark magic against Dashi and his mystical power objects: the shen gong wu. In the end, Dashi triumphed and Wuya was forever imprisoned in a simple wooden puzzle box. The threat averted, Dashi spread his shen gong wu around the Earth. For generations, they have secretly maintained the balance of good and evil. Should that balance ever shift, eagerly awaiting are four brave, young xiaolin dragons in training: Omi, xiaolin dragon of water; Kimiko, xiaolin dragon of fire; Raimundo, xiaolin dragon of wind; Clay, xiaolin dragon of earth. Now the exciting journey begins. The xiaolin dragons in training must unite their forces to protect the mystical shen gong wu against Jack Spicer, evil boy genius, his disembodied evil partner Wuya, and ancient but powerful Chase Young and his legion of ancient warriors. Should the shen gong wu ever fall into the clutches of evil, the most powerful demon ever known will be unleashed: the great Mala Mala Jong. Good luck my young xiaolin dragons in training. Now, let's go!

Omi, Kimiko, Raimundo, and Clay: xiaolin showdown!

Stage 0: Sparring Room

Master Fung: Here in the sparring room, generations of xiaolin warriors have come to practice their skills. Step on a button and a jack bot will rise and spar with you. Good luck and good bot-kicking.

Stage 1: Temple Gardens

  • Master Fung: Your mystical journey begins here: the ancient xiaolin temple, home of the xiaolin dragons and safe haven for the shen gong wu for thousands of years.
  • Dojo: Not anymore! As your favorite mystical dragon, not only can I sniff out magical shen gong wu but I can also pick up the stench, ew, of Jack Spicer, evil boy genius. I got wind that he's sending his robot army to the temple. He'll stop at nothing to steal our wu!
  • (when the dragon juice item first appears)
  • Dojo: Check out that dragon juice! It'll restore your fighting fitness and give you the energy you need to immediately use one of your wu.
  • (when a blessing coin first appears)
  • Dojo: Ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh! A xiaolin blessing coin! They're nice and shiny and you can use them to buy stuff from the temple vault. Be sure to grab 'em when you see 'em.
  • (Jack's first appearance)
  • Jack Spicer: Hello xiaolin losers, I'm Jack Spicer, evil boy genius, prince of darkness, czar of destruction, king of the taunts. In no time, I'll have all the wu and be on my way to world domination baby. So how you like dem apples? Think you can stop me? Get a load of these. Claw bots, attack!
  • (A little while after Jack finishes talking)
  • Dojo: I'm in deep doo doo! I dropped several of the temple scrolls and they broke into pieces! If Master Fung finds out, he'll take away my bathroom privileges and make me go back to using the litter box. If you help me find them, I'll reward you!
  • (After first scroll piece appears)
  • Dojo: There's one now!
  • (After collecting first scroll piece)
  • Dojo: Doh, look at this mess! And I just finished landscaping the whole garden for spring!
  • (After collecting second scroll piece)
  • Jack Spicer: Hey losers, you think you can keep me and my army of jackbots away from the shen gong wu? Well think again! You've never faced an evil genius like me before. I even cheated on my IQ test! How's that for brilliant?
  • (After collecting third scroll piece)
  • Jack Spicer: Hey, those claw bots cost me a whole month's allowance! It's time I take off the evil velvet gloves and show you real evil power. Trooper bot, attack!
  • (After defeating trooper bot)
  • Dojo: Congratulations warriors on a job well done. Oh, by the size of the welts blistering on my tail, I'd say a new shen gong wu is about to reveal itself.
  • (After getting to the Eye of Dashi)
  • Dojo: Hey look, it's the Eye of Dashi. It shoots electricity and it's pretty handy when the lights go out.

Stage 2: Obstacle Course

  • Dojo: Oh no, you'd better crank up the power. Jack and his bots are destroying the training ground. Be careful. There's burning debri everywhere. That no gooder Spicer and his evil Jackbots! Or maybe I left the barbeque unattended again. Ooh, that wouldn't be good.
  • Jack Spicer: You xiaolin losers are no match for my Jackbots. They don't know the meaning of defeat! Actually, I haven't programmed them to know the meaning of anything, so it all works out pretty well. Ram bots, attack!
  • (When Ying-Yang Yoyo appears)
  • Dojo: Oh, hold the phone! You see that black and white shen gong wu? That's the mystical Ying-Yang Yoyo and your link to the xiaolin treasure stashed in the Ying-Yang World. You must get to the wu before it disappears. Don't worry about me. I'll stay here and distract the jackbots with my standup dragon routine. Eh, that's how I worked my way through mystical dragon school.
  • (When cheetah mojo item first appears)
  • Dojo: Hey, look at that, cheetah mojo! It gives you increased speed for a limited time and it's nonfat. Try it out!
  • (After defeating another wave of jack bots)
  • Jack: [laughs] You think you're tough, huh? Well those were just my easy jack bots. Prepare to be humiliated with my...umm...not so easy jack bots! Trooper bot, attack!
  • (After getting second scroll piece and defeating a wave of jack bots)
  • Dojo: Fortunately, Jack's main line of defense is his jack bots. I hear most of them were purchased online via someone with a very low rating.
  • (After third scroll piece appears)
  • Jack Spicer: I don't think you've had enough. Time for a trooper bot and jackbot xiaolin crybabies.
  • (After getting the third scroll piece)
  • Dojo: Hey everybody, we've got ourselves a 9.5 wu alert on the Richter scale.
  • (After getting to the Changing Chopsticks)
  • Dojo: Ooh, the Changing Chopsticks. It makes everyone else very very tiny.

Stage 3: Vault Courtyard

  • Dojo: Doh, look at this mess! Master Fung is not going to be pleased when he sees what Jack Spicer and his robo jet did to the courtyard, especially after it was featured in Better Temple and Gardens. Be careful of those jet engines! They look hot enough to burn the hairs off Master Fung's tushie. I mean, if he had hairs there. Not that I would know.
  • (When turtle mojo item first appears)
  • Dojo: Uh, hey, turtle mojo! This lets you use your shield twice as long as normal. It'll help you deflect those evildoers' attacks.
  • (After collecting the first scroll piece)
  • Jack Spicer: Step back and feast your eyes on the future. Trooper bot 2000!
  • (After collecting second scroll piece)
  • Jack Spicer: Hey, see the future xiaolin losers. These are trooper bots 2000, maybe even 3000.
  • (After defeating the trooper bots)
  • Jack Spicer: Pretty soon all have all the shen gong wu to myself, and then it's evil city kickback time. Ah! Ram bots, claw bots, attack!
  • (After third scroll piece appears)
  • Jack Spicer: More trooper bots. The evil just keeps on coming.
  • (After collecting third scroll piece and defeating the trooper bots)
  • Dojo: The dark prince of junk bots is about to break into the vault! You gotta stop him and pronto! As for me, I have a date to clip Master Fung's big yellow toenails.

Boss: Jack Spicer

  • Jack Spicer: Hey xiaolin wannabees. Try and stop the prince of evil if you can, but you can't because the prince will royally kick your butt. Ha, evil boy genius is on a rant rampage!
  • (After dropping Jack's health down 1/3 of the way.)
  • Dojo: Yeah, you're worried about Jack, but who's worried about the vault? Hmm, well, maybe a couple coats of paint and it'll be as good as new. Aww, who am I kidding? Perhaps it's time for this magical dragon to take a long deserved vacation to somewhere on the other side of the world.
  • (After dropping Jack's health down 1/2 of the way.)
  • Jack Spicer: You monks think you're tough. You don't know what tough is until you face me, the sultan of spite! I was just, you know, trying that one out.
  • (After dropping Jack's health down 2/3 of the way.)
  • Dojo: Hey champs, Jack's mascara is running now, so it's time to go for the gold here. Be the xiaolin dragon, well, in training, that you're meant to be.
  • (After defeating Jack)
  • Jack Spicer: You xiaolin losers may have won the first round, but it's not over until the fat lady sings. I promise you, the Jacko will be backo.

Stage 4: Forest

  • Dojo: We got ourselves a new crisis! And it's not just my aching back from flying you all up here. It seems evil boy genius is up to his earlobes in no good. He's about to set up a new center of operations, an evil treehouse to rule the world!
  • Jack Spicer: The Jack of all trades has only one trade baby, total evil world domination. Once I complete my deforestation project, there will be no stopping the prince of darkness, so kick back. It's going to be one evil ride. Swoop bots, attack!
  • (After defeating the first wave of jack bots)
  • Wuya: I am Wuya, an ancient spirit who embraces all that is evil. You will have to outwit me to receive what you most desire.
  • (After getting the first scroll piece)
  • Jack Spicer: Wuya, evil is a young man's game. There's no room for 1500-year-old clown faces. Now let me show you some real evil. Lumber bot, attack!
  • (After getting the second scroll piece)
  • Dojo: Not bad for a monk in training. You have another wave of bots heading your way. I'd stay and help but I've got to give Master Fung his sponge bath. Believe me, I have the bigger challenge.
  • (After gorilla mojo item appears for the first time)
  • Dojo: Hey, you're in luck. With gorilla mojo, you can get the power you need to kick some real evil robo butt.
  • (After getting third scroll piece)
  • Wuya: Jack, you are an embarrassment to evil everywhere. As a 1500-year-old evil spirit, I prefer the old-fashioned ways. Rock creature, attack!
  • Dojo: Hey! Rocky there can be one pain in the butt with its projectiles. And I mean that literally. This mystical dragon may not be able to sit down for a week.
  • (After defeating the rock creature)
  • Wuya: Oh, I feel wicked. A new shen gong wu has just revealed itself.
  • (After getting to the Zing Zom-Bone.)
  • Dojo: Ooh, check out the Zing Zom-Bone. It turns people into zombies. It can also turn politicians into people. [nervous laugh]

Stage 5: Mill Entrance

  • Dojo: Heh heh, for an evildoer who wears way too much makeup, Jack Spicer has come up with some pretty nifty defenses, so keep a watchful eye or you could wind up splattered like a bug on a windshield.
  • (After getting the first scroll piece)
  • Jack Spicer: Xiaolin losers, I dare you to get past my defense system impenetra buh buh bull. Even harder to get through than saying impenetra buh buh bull. You know what I mean! Blade bots, attack!
  • (After defeating the blade bots)
  • Wuya: You may have defeated my last rock creature, but you can't always be lucky. Rock creature, attack!
  • (After electric eel mojo item appears for the first time)
  • Dojo: Ooh ooh! Grab that electric eel mojo. It'll give your shield a little burst of energy to zap anything that attacks you.
  • (After third scroll piece appears)
  • Jack Spicer: Wuya, your rock creatures are evil, but not as evil as a rock creature with jack bots.
  • (After getting the third scroll piece)
  • Dojo: My shen gong wu blisters have frozen into little hard peas. That can only mean we have wu nearby.
  • (After getting to the Mikado Arms)
  • Dojo: Hey, Mikado Arms. It gives you four times the upper body strength and the ability to inflict some serious damage.

Stage 6: Lumber Mill

  • Wuya: I don't know how you managed to get this far! Well, then again, you were up against Jack Spicer. Anyway, it's not going to be so easy from here on out!
  • (After defeating first wave of bots)
  • Jack Spicer: Oh yeah, xiaolin losers. Well it's time to eat dirt... or rock... or rock creatures and jack bots.
  • (After getting first scroll piece)
  • Dojo: Be extra careful xiaolin warriors. There are more enemies on the way and Jack has turned on the mill's crushers. One false step and you won't have anything to make a false step with.
  • (When wudai mojo item first appears)
  • Dojo: Look! Wudai mojo! While holding it, you can use your signature move instantly, without having to charge up first.
  • (After defeating another wave of bots)
  • Wuya: Jack, your toys only get in the way of true evil! Rock creatures, show Jack how it's done!
  • (After third scroll piece appears)
  • Wuya: Oh. This is most embarrassing. Evil isn't what it used to be. If I had a body, I'd roll over in my grave. Let's see how you handle this: rock creatures and everything else, attack!
  • (After getting third scroll piece and defeating all the enemies)
  • Dojo: Time to take a quick breather warriors, but don't take it too easy. I hear evil boy whiny has something really scary up his sleeve. And it's not just a pair of underdeveloped arms.

Boss: Chameleon Bot

  • Jack Spicer: Xiaolin losers! You think you're pretty hot stuff coming this far, but I'll show you hot. Meet my chameleon bot. He can make himself look like anyone! Even me. Which is a bonus in itself. Chameleon bot, attack!
  • (After the chameleon bot's first transformation)
  • Dojo: Woah, I feel like I'm seeing double. I haven't felt this weird since Friday nights at dragon college.
  • (After the chameleon bot's second transformation)
  • Dojo: Woah, it's hard to tell which one is the chameleon bot! Wait, I bet it's that one. No, wait it's that one. Well then again it could be that one... or, doh, I need to go lie down.
  • (After the chameleon bot's third transformation)
  • Dojo: Woah, another transformation! You're gonna need a map to follow this battle. Wait, I don't know if I'm talking to you or the bot.
  • (After the chameleon bot's fourth transformation)
  • Dojo: Oh, that chameleon bot turned into four warriors! If I had my fiddle, we could have a square dance.
  • Dojo (singing): Doce Do and grab your guy. Make it better in the eye.
  • (After defeating the chameleon bot)
  • Jack Spicer: Well, looks like my evil work around here is about done. Time to fly home and have a nice hot supper with mommy. Wuya, care to join me.
  • Wuya: I would, but I don't have a stomach in case you haven't noticed.
  • Jack Spicer: That's ok. The dog can pick up what you don't eat.

Stage 7: Electrical Workshop

  • Dojo: Guys, we're inside Jack Spicer's lair. This is where he creates all of his evil machines of mass destruction: the razor bots, the club bots, even the yes bot who agrees with everything he has to say. It helps build his evil confidence. It's up to you to figure out Jack's next move to his goal of evil world domination.
  • Wuya: It looks like we have unwanted company. Ram bots, attack! It's time to show these monks who's running the show. Right, Jack? Jack? Jack, where are you?!?
  • Jack Spicer: One sec. I'm in the little evil geniuses room, but I'll be right with you. [screams]
  • Wuya: Never mind.
  • Dojo: Get ready for a real slugfest. These new ram bots look like they have powerful energy shields to defend themselves.
  • (After defeating a wave of ram bots)
  • Jack Spicer: As you can see, my new ram bots are equipped with the most powerful energy field that money, or at least my allowance, can buy.
  • Wuya: But your ram bots were defeated, you fool!
  • Jack Spicer: Hey, no fair! It was their first time and they were nervous. Just watch. Ram bots, attack! Again!
  • (After getting the first scroll piece)
  • Jack Spicer: Ok, maybe you defeated my ram bots, but that was yesterday's technology. Take a gander at my new cutting-edge laser bot!
  • (When the rhino mojo item appears for the first time)
  • Dojo: Rhino mojo is the toughest of the powerups. It protects you from taking damage for a limited time. And it's pretty tasty too.
  • (After the third scroll piece appears)
  • Dojo: Not a chameleon bot! Those things give me a headache.
  • (After collecting the third scroll piece)
  • Wuya: Hurry Jack, another shen gong wu has just revealed itself.
  • (After getting to the Serpent's Tail)
  • Dojo: The Serpent's Tail! No one will be able to lay a finger on you when you use this wu.

Stage 8: Mechanical Workshop

  • Wuya: Jack, you must hurry! Those annoying monks are almost here!
  • Jack Spicer: Relax clown face. My masterpiece is just about ready. As usual, I've have everything well in hand.
  • Wuya: As usual, the only thing you have in your hand is your itchy butt.
  • Jack Spicer: Hey, I'll remember that when holiday bonus time comes up. Charge bots, attack!
  • (After collecting the first scroll piece)
  • Dojo: You know, I don't usually get a weird tingle down my spine, but right now my spine is going all spastic over the weird stuff I'm seeing. What is that back there? Is that a hand or an arm? What is Jack up to?
  • (After collecting the second scroll piece)
  • Jack Spicer: Mom says I have to go clean my room, so I'll just have to keep you busy with my chameleon bot.
  • (After defeating the chameleon bot)
  • Wuya: Jack, the monks have made remarkable progress! We must act soon or all evil will be lost!
  • Jack Spicer: Wuya Wuya Wuya, don't you see? I've only drawn them into my web and when my ultimate weapon is ready and the moment is right...
  • Wuya: You will lose like you've done repeatedly in the past.
  • Jack Spicer: Ugh, you are such a naysayer! I don't see how you ever got any evil done.</li>
    • (After the third scroll piece appears)
    • Jack Spicer: Here ya go ladies! Chameleon bot and jack bots, attack!
    • (After getting the third scroll piece and defeating the chameleon bot)
    • Wuya: This is an easy wu to score, even for you Jack.
    • (After getting to the Denshi Bunny)
    • Dojo: Look, the Denshi Bunny! It electrifies you, which is quite shocking.

    Stage 9: Jack's Lab

    • Dojo: Woah, where are we? What the...? Oops, nose bleed. This is not good! You must stop Jack at once. If not, it could mean the end of the world as we know it. Or 1500 years of darkness. Those are usually the two options.
    • (After defeating a wave of jack bots)
    • Wuya: You xiaolin wannabees have gone too far! Chameleon bot and Jack bots, attack!
    • (After collecting the first scroll piece)
    • Wuya: Jack, we're running out of options. This ridiculous machine of yours better work.
    • Jack Spicer: Blah blah blah blah. You know, you can be pretty negative at times. If anything goes wrong, it'll be on your head. [laughter] On your head! Ya get it? You're nothing but a floating, negative, thinking head.
    • Wuya: Jack, spending a moment with you is like an eternity.
    • Jack Spicer: Thank you. That's the nicest thing you've ever said to me.
    • (After collecting the second scroll piece)
    • Jack Spicer: Let's see how you deal with two chameleon bots. I can't even tell them apart. Evil is so much fun.
    • (After defeating the chameleon bots)
    • Dojo: I've never heard Jack and Wuya so ticked off. I'd be ready for anything and expect the worst. As for me, I suddenly feel the need to go to the little dragons room.
    • (When the mantis mojo item appears for the first time)
    • Dojo: Be sure to grab mantis mojo when you can. It'll give you fantastic jumping powers, but only for a short period of time. Oh, with one of those, I'd have been a basketball star in dragon school.
    • (After the third scroll piece appears)
    • Jack Spicer: Army of bots, destroy them! [screams] I even scared myself!
    • (After collecting the third scroll piece and defeating all of the bots)
    • Jack Spicer: It's too late baby, because this evil boy genius has finished constructing his monstrosity. Now all that's left is a trip off to rule the world! Jack Spicer! It's your birthday! Jack Spicer! Ooh ooh! What what! Ooh ooh!
    • Dojo: Well, it looks like it's time to chalk one up for the bad guys. Unless you can pull a rabbit out of your hat. I'd stay and help, but it's time for me to clip Master Fung's yellow toenails. Hmm, looks like we've both got it bad.

    Boss: Jack Spicer's Giant Robot

    • Jack Spicer: You xiaolin wannabees thought you had a chance. Sorry, but it's all over. In a few moments, the jack of all evils will have taken over the world. Score one for the bad guys baby! It's evil world domination time!
    • (Dojo says this before you've dealt any damage to the robot)
    • Dojo: Looks like we've got a category 5 emergency here. You've got to find a way to get near the robot head and damage it. The switches seem to turn off the laser or the electricity. I'd like to help, but, uh, this stuff is way over my head. I'm more of an eenie-meenie-miney-mo kind of dragon.
    • (Dojo says this early in the fight before you've dealt a lot of damage to the robot.)
    • Dojo: Looks like we can't reach the head, but we still have other options. Maybe we can disable the head by throwing something at it. Look around for something to throw. Hey, don't look at me like that.
    • (These conversations will take place as you deal damage to the robot)
    • Jack Spicer: Hey! Hey, stop that! What's my warning light doing on? My controls are all running backwards. Thing thing can't be falling apart already! What about the head to toe extended warranty I bought?!?
    • --OR--
    • Jack Spicer: Stop it! Stop it! What have you done to my robo-buddy?!? This is no way to treat the prince of darkness! I want my mommy!
    • Dojo: Yeah, way to go champ. Keep working the body. And then when the time is right, come in with the uppercut! Tin man definitely has a glass jaw!
    • (After defeating the robot)
    • Jack Spicer: No! Oh, you've ruined everything! Why did you have to hit him in the face? Why the face? What kind of people are you?!? It's ok robo-buddy. I don't care what you look like. The prince of darkness is still here for you.

    Stage 10: Dojo's Mouth

    • Dojo: Oh. Thanks guys for agreeing to show up. What, you didn't agree to this? Oh yeah, that's right, I just ate you. The thing is...uhhh...I ate something. Something that's really not agreeing with me. And I didn't know who else to turn to. Would you mind taking a looksie? Start in my mouth and work your way down. Hmm, I wonder how you'll get out. [Burp] Ohh, that's most unsettling and I think I threw my back out.
    • (After defeating the first wave of robots)
    • Dojo: Hey, I don't like the looks of this. And I don't mean the gingivitis. What is that? Trout? Salmon? Crabcakes? Oh, to be hungry again. By the way, watch out for my saliva. It digests things on contact.
    • (After collecting the first scroll piece)
    • Dojo: Eh heh. Thanks for getting rid of those things. Can you do anything about that fishy aftertaste?
    • (After the resistance of dragon item appears for the first time)
    • Dojo: Woah, resistance of dragon. If you have one of those babies and get knocked out, you won't take any stun time, but you will have to cough it up after you use it. Hey, I don't make the rules.
    • (After collecting the second scroll piece)
    • Dojo: Thanks guys. I feel a little better. I sure hope the worst of it is over.
    • Chase Young: [evil laugh]
    • Dojo: I'd recognize that evil laugh anywhere. No wonder my stomach's turning somersaults. Chase Young must have gotten in here somehow. That's pretty disgusting. On many levels.
    • (After the rock creature appears)
    • Dojo: Oh no, a rock creature! How'd he get in here? I hate when they rub against my tonsils. It's both pleasant and nauseating. Anyway, do what you can to get rid of it.
    • (After defeating the rock creature)
    • Dojo: Hey guys, according to the shooting pain down my spine and the dry heaves, I sense a shen gong wu has just revealed itself.
    • (After getting to the Shard of Lightning)
    • Dojo: Hey, the Shard of Lightning! It makes you move so fast that others look like they're crawling.

    Stage 11: Dojo's Esophagus

    • Dojo: Oh, the pain seems to have traveled further down. Keep looking and try not to get lodged in my throat. I'd hate to have to hock you up like a loogie.
    • Dojo: Woah, are you seeing what I'm feeling, or did I get a hold of some bad sushi? Oh... Get rid of those things!
    • (After collecting the first piece of scroll)
    • Chase Young: You young monks are such fools! Thinking you can stand up to Chase Young. Your xiaolin ways are no match for the Heylin side. Once I've disposed of the green lizard, how will you find your shen gong wu? You will be at a horrible disadvantage. [evil laugh]
    • Dojo: [burp] Mmm, that brought up something I haven't tasted in days!
    • (After the shen gong boost item appears for the first time)
    • Dojo: With the shen gong boost, you'll be up to your eyeballs in chi and have enough power to fire off not one, but two shen gong wu. Not to mention gather more chi to do it over and over again.
    • (After collecting the second scroll piece)
    • Chase Young: Think you're winning?!? The little victory is only a hollow one. As we speak, the sickness is already spreading through your green friend. It is only a matter of time before the talkative lizard falls victim to the greatest evil of all.
    • (After collecting the third scroll piece)
    • Dojo: Hey everybody, according to these oddly-shaped welts on my tail, we got shen gong wu just ripe for the pickin.
    • (After getting to the Moby Morpher)
    • Dojo: Look, the Moby Morpher! It turns you into other monks so you can use their wu.

    Stage 12: Dojo's Stomach

    • Dojo: Uhh, guys, the good news is: I know the sickness is coming from my stomach. Uhh. The bad news is: I have twelve of them. I know. We'll start with the one with the worst stench. Eww.
    • (After the rock creature appears)
    • Dojo: Ugh, another rock creature and more of Jack Spicer's charming friends. How'd all that get in there?
    • (After collecting the first piece of scroll and defeating some more fish bots and as the stomach acids begin to rise)
    • Dojo: [burp] Oh, that feels good. My belly acids thank you.
    • (After collecting the second scroll piece)
    • Chase Young: I must admit to being impressed monks, but my rock creatures will introduce you to oblivion!
    • (After defeating the rock creatures)
    • Dojo: Hey guys, you're doing a whale of a job kicking fish tail, but I'm afraid I'm really not feeling that much better. In fact, I seem to be worsening. Oh boy. Perhaps the fish and rock dudes aren't the root of the problem after all.
    • (After the third scroll piece appears)
    • Dojo: Uh oh kids, more rock creatures and a big pile of Jack's robo-junk.
    • (After collecting the third scroll piece)
    • Dojo: Uh, nice evil-blasting good guy pals, but, oh boy. I'm afraid it's not over yet. I think I know what the source of the problem is. I'm counting on you future xiaolin warriors to go where no man has gone before and do what needs to be done. Time to take the plunge!

    Boss: Chi Creatures

    • Chase Young: Young monks, you have done well thus far, but your success will prove to be your end. Meet my chi creatures, the source of your lizard's ailment and his undoing. Chi creatures, attack.
    • Dojo: Oh, that is so disgusting! Chi creatures running all over my insides. Uhhh. I feel so violated. No wonder I haven't been able to keep anything down.
    • (After defeating the first chi creature)
    • Dojo: Hey, check out that hole. No, that one! I think it just got a little smaller after you killed that last chi creature.
    • (After defeating 1/3 of the chi creatures)
    • Dojo: Uhh, hey, thanks guys, I'm starting to feel a bit better. I feel my insides emptying out as we speak.
    • (After defeating 1/2 of the chi creatures)
    • Chase Young: You fools. Defeat is knocking at your door. The rise of evil cannot be stopped. The Heylin way will triumph!
    • (After defeating 2/3 of the chi creatures)
    • Dojo: Whatever you're doing, it's working, so don't stop, please! Forget Chase. He may be all powerful and a pretty good dresser, but we have good on our side. And when you have good on your side, well, it's got to mean something good.
    • (After defeating all of the chi creatures)
    • Chase Young: You may have won this battle, but the war is far from over. You have only made it that much more interesting. We will soon meet again, but I'm afraid the next time, the result will be far different.
    • Dojo: Woah, now that's what I call a seven course meal of evil. [burp] Oh, glad that's over. Remind me to never eat egg foo Chase Young again. So, uh, what's for dinner?

    Stage 13: Loading Dock

    • Dojo: Normally, I'd love to visit a toy factory, but it's not all fun and games today. Kimiko's father, who owns the Toho plant, called and told me that Chase Young was lurking around here somewhere. I'm not very comfortable around evildoers whose diet includes magical dragons.
    • (After defeating a wave of robots)
    • Dojo: Woah, that's weird. Wonder what Jack Spicer's swoop bots are doin here. Chase doesn't usually take on partners. He's more of a solo kind of villain. Come to think of it, where are all the workers? This place is moving so slow, you'd think you were at the post office!
    • (After defeating another wave of robots)
    • Chase Young: I see you young xiaolin wannabees have found me. No matter. Your powers are no match for mine. Watch as I bring life to the lifeless!
    • (After collecting the first scroll piece)
    • Dojo: Always be careful around heavy machinery. I wish I had. It cost me my feet and my budding career as a ballerina.
    • Wuya: Well well. Look what the old dragon dragged in. Ball and chain bots, tear them to pieces!
    • (After collecting the second scroll piece)
    • Dojo: Don't stop now! Keep on kickin and choppin! The nice thing about kicking and chopping is: there's no such thing as hitting below the belt.
    • Wuya: How would you know dragon breath?
    • Dojo: Wuya, if I had feet, I'd kick your butt!
    • Wuya: Well you're outta luck. You don't have feet and I don't have a butt!
    • (After collecting the third scroll piece)
    • Chase Young: These toys have some uses, at least in the hands of a Heylin master. Toy bot, attack!
    • (After defeating the toy bot)
    • Dojo: Breaking news kids. Today's forecast is clear skies and a 90% chance that a new shen gong wu will be revealed.
    • (After getting to the Reversing Mirror)
    • Dojo: Ok, the Reversing Mirror. It reverses the effects of other wu and it's not bad when applying makeup. Not that I wear makeup. I... I... I think it's time to move on.

    Stage 14: Production Line

    • Dojo: Well guys, ya made it to toy central, where all the action takes place. But you gotta stay on your toes, well, for those of you who have toes, because the security system is on full alert. There are a lot of bad guys looking for you.
    • (After the first wave of robots appears)
    • Dojo: Looks like we've got company and I don't mean the kind you invite over for Sunday brunch.
    • (After defeating the first wave of bots)
    • Chase Young: Your efforts are amusing and pathetic. You don't have the training or the skills to reach me in time! Perhaps you should give up trying to be a xiaolin monk and take on something that suits you more, like mopping floors.
    • (After collecting the first scroll piece)
    • Chase Young: Young warriors you have proven yourselves unexpectedly resourceful, but your momentary streak of good luck is about to end. [evil laugh] Now prepare for your destiny, oblivion!
    • (After collecting the second scroll piece)
    • Dojo: Look out, here comes another one of those toy whachamacallits.
    • (After defeating the toy bot)
    • Dojo: Hey, way to go guys! Remember it's all hand-eye coordination and I guess feet too and headbutting while you're at it. Anyway, you're almost home, but keep your guard up.
    • Wuya: No! Jack's bots are just as pathetic without him as they are with him!
    • (After the third scroll piece appears)
    • Chase Young: Once again, you have proven yourselves worthy opponents, but that will only make your defeat that much more enjoyable. [evil laugh]
    • (After collecting the third scroll piece)
    • Dojo: Hey everybody, we got ourselves a 9.5 wu alert on the Richter scale.
    • (After getting to the Ruby of Ramses)
    • Dojo: Hey, the Ruby of Ramses. It's the wu that allows you to elevate your enemies and keep them in place. It's also pretty handy at lifting heavy furniture.

    Stage 15: Rooftop

    • Dojo: It looks like you guys made it all the way to the top, or at least the roof of the Toho toy factory. Here's a little tip: watch out for those air conditioning fans. They sharpen them to keep the birds out. Kung pow pigeon anyone? Oh hoo, yummy.
    • (After defeating the first wave of bots)
    • Dojo: Watch out everyone! There are more bots on the way.
    • (After collecing the first scroll piece)
    • Dojo: Look out, we've got swoop bots at 5 o'clock. Ball and chain bots at 9 o'clock. Toy bots at 10 o'clock! I think it's way past my bed time.
    • Wuya: You wouldn't see this in the old day! Rock creatures are much more reliable than these silly toys!
    • (After collecting the second scroll piece)
    • Chase Young: You have proven most resilient monks, which will make this all the more satisfying when you are defeated by these lowly toy bots.
    • (After defeating the toy bots)
    • Dojo: Hey, well done troops. You're almost done, but don't let your guard down. The biggest butts to be kicked are yet to come.
    • (After the third scroll piece appears)
    • Dojo: Uh oh, more toy bots and more of those jack bots. I think it's getting a little too crowded up here!
    • (After collecting the third scroll piece)
    • Dojo: Hey bud, it looks like the sun is setting on this little party. You need to keep your dukes up. Night time is coming and it usually brings out the worst of the evildoers.

    Boss: Toy Monks

    • Chase Young: You're too late young monks! Now that I have the heart of jong, I'm off to summon Mala Mala Jong and plunge the world into 10,000 years of darkness! But before I leave, allow me to give you a little parting gift: a new product from the Toho toy line to keep you occupied. Toy monks, attack!
    • (a little ways into the battle)
    • Dojo: Ooh, careful monks. These guys may look quite harmless and cuddly, but they are nothing but evil replicas of yourselves out for your destruction! Looks like you finally met your match, literally!
    • (After defeating 1 toy monk)
    • Dojo: Hey, that was nice bot-kicking! Keep it up! And the snow cones are on me!
    • (After defeating 2 toy monks)
    • Dojo: This is so sweet! I just saw you kick your own bot!
    • (After defeating 3 toy monks)
    • Dojo: Woah, go go go! Those tin cans are definitely ready to be recycled! Just keep it coming baby!
    • (After defeating all 4 toy monks)
    • Dojo: Woo, I'm glad that's over! But now the real work begins. We've got follow Chase Young to his layer, where he has the heart of jong. If you fail, it will mean 10,000 years of darkness. Ominous enough for ya?

    Stage 16: Entrance

    • Dojo: Ooh, we got trouble with a capital T. Chase has the heart of jong and if we don't stop him before he summons Mala Mala Jong, we're looking at 10,000 years of darkness. You've got to find a way in there to stop him.
    • (After the fish bots appear)
    • Dojo: Hey wait, I recognize that flipper. Only then it was inside me, swimming in places I would never go. Hmm, I wonder how it got out. Oh yeah, I think I remember now.
    • (After collecting the first scroll piece)
    • Jack Spicer: Say hello to the newest member of Chase's evil dream team. Can you believe it? Me and Chase together? Old lightning and thunder! You xiaolin monks are so doomed! Now let's begin this evil fest with some evil fun. Transformer bots, attack!
    • (After defeating the transformer bots)
    • Wuya: Uh Jack, you're such an evil newbie. After all this time, haven't you learned anything? If you're gonna do evil right, you gotta do it yourself. Cave defenses, activate! Bots, attack!
    • Dojo: Ooh, we gotta move fast champ. We gotta get up to the next level somehow. And be careful of that elevator crusher. You don't want to wind up like me, no legs!
    • (After collecting the third scroll piece)
    • Chase Young: Jack and Wuya definitely give evil a bad name. I knew you would defeat them. I just wanted to give you a chance to warm up before you faced true evil. The kind of evil that can only be found from within. Allow me to inroduce you to my ancient warrior. Rip them to pieces!
    • Dojo: Careful with this one guys. He looks like he's got some pretty massive upper body strength, unlike a certain evil boy genius we know.
    • (After defeating the ancient warrior)
    • Dojo: This is it kids! We've got ourselves a stage 4 wu alert. Please put your seats in the upright position.
    • (After getting to the Third Arm Sash)
    • Dojo: Ooh, the Third Arm Sash. Use it to attack everyone around you with a magical fist.

    Stage 17: Playroom

    • Dojo: Uh, this looks like fun. Spiky roller, unstable steps, fiery heat: must be Chase's playroom. All it needs is some nice maneating cats and it will be perfect. Definitely watch your step.
    • (After collecting the first scroll piece)
    • Jack Spicer: Oh, look who made it this far? The xiaolin losers. Time to kiss your butt goodbye little monks. Bot army, attack!
    • (After collecting the second scroll piece)
    • Chase Young: I may have underestimated you, young monks. But I will not make the mistake again. Warmup time is over. Prepare for some seasoned evil. Ancient warrior, take care of our unwanted guests!
    • (After defeating the ancient warrior)
    • Wuya: You xiaolin monks have been lucky so far! But your luck is about to change, for the worst. You stand no chance against the greatest evil alliance ever formed: Chase Young and yours truly.
    • Jack Spicer: and me, right?
    • Wuya: Actually, you're their only hope. Bot swarm, attack!
    • (After the third scroll piece appears)
    • Jack Spicer: You ain't seen nothing yet. Now it's time for more jack bots and one of Chase Young's warriors.
    • (After collecting the third scroll piece)
    • Dojo: I wouldn't believe it if I didn't see it. You kicked some pretty impressive ancient butt there, but the real challenge lies ahead. So grab onto your wu and get ready to mix it up.
    • (After getting to the Sun Chi Lantern)
    • Dojo: Ooh look, the Sun Chi Lantern. It drains the chi out of everyone near you.

    Stage 18: Inner Sanctum

    • Dojo: Woah, for being the king of evil who makes your lower lip quiver, Chase keeps up a pretty nice place here. Kind of a country club for evildoers.
    • (After collecting the first scroll piece)
    • Chase Young: You monks surprise me again and again, and I'm rarely surprised. Perhaps I have underestimated your true worthiness, but that is no more! I have no choice but to destroy you! Ancient warrior, tear them up!
    • (After defeating the ancient warrior)
    • Chase Young: While your efforts have proven noble, they've also proven futile. You have come so far to fall so short! Jack, entertain our guests while I execute my master plan! And try not to screw up again.
    • Jack Spicer: You can count on me as always Chase.
    • Chase Young: That is what I was afraid of.
    • Jack Spicer: Oh by the way, did you get the friendship card I sent you? Bot army, attack!
    • (After collecting the second scroll piece)
    • Chase Young: Forces of evil, destroy them!
    • (After defeating the ancient warriors)
    • Wuya: Oh ho, this is so evilly embarrasing. I've never looked worse in 1500 years. Defeat after defeat after defeat! This is not going to look good on my evil resume. Legion of evil, eliminate them!
    • (After the third scroll piece appears)
    • Jack Spicer: Forces of evil, destroy them! Uhhh, it sounds way better when Chase says it.
    • (After collecting the third scroll piece)
    • Wuya: We must warn Chase that the monks are coming!
    • Jack Spicer: Warn Chase? You know he doesn't take bad news that well.
    • Wuya: For an evildoer, you disgust me.
    • Jack Spicer: Oh yeah? Well I'm not hanging around here for the punishment. Besides, I think Mom's making her famous meatloaf tonight. Care to join me?
    • Wuya: I really don't think I have the stomach for it.
    • Jack Spicer: Suit yourself. Tell Chase I had to go.

    Boss: Mala Mala Jong

    • Chase Young: As I expected, you are too late and the Heylin ways have prevailed! The great Mala Mala Jong has arrived to do my bidding! Soon, the dark evil forces will spread across the land and I will reign supreme!
    • Dojo: Ooh, this is really serious business. With Mala Mala Jong now activated, the world's about to plunge into 10,000 years of darkness! Unless you do something to stop it. We've got find the secret to defeating Mala Mala Jong and stopping Chase Young once and for all!
    • (When the heart of jong first appears)
    • Dojo: Ooh look, there's the heart of jong. This just might be the weakness we're looking for. You've got to hit it with everything you've got!
    • (After destroying 1/2 of the heart of jong's health)
    • Chase Young: Young monks, you fight well. And while you may believe you have made progress, I assure you, you are no match for the powers of the Heylin side. Your demise, while tragic, is also predictable.
    • (After destroying 2/3 of the heart of jong's health)
    • Dojo: Oh, way to go guys! Mala Mala Jong is definitely shaken. Wait for the right moment, and make your move!
    • (After defeating Mala Mala Jong)
    • Dojo: Oh, yes yes yes! I'm dancin' on my toes! Well, that is if I had toes. Oh, you guys did it! I never doubted you for a moment. Well, at least we can rest comfortably. For now.
    • Chase Young: You may have won this battle, but not the war! Savor the moment, for it will be short-lived. Soon the Heylin way will rise and blanket the world. You will fail and your Xiaolin ways will become only a distant memory. [evil laugh]
    • Showdowns

      King of the Hill

      Jack Spicer: The game is called king of the hill. The first to reach the top of the hill gets to be queen! I mean king. For every second you're king, your flag moves up the flagpole. Be the king long enough to raise your flag to the top and win the showdown.


      Jack Spicer: The game is called It. Hey, don't laugh. I worked hard coming up with that name. Anyway, being It is way bad. Whoever is It needs to kick or chop someone else to get rid of It. While you are It, your flag goes down the flagpole. If it reaches the bottom, you are knocked out. Last person standing wins.

      Keep Away

      Jack Spicer: The game is called Keep Away. All you gotta do is grab the item and hold onto it as long as you can, even if you feel the urge to scratch something. For every second ya hold it, your flag moves up the flagpole. Raise your flag to the top and win the showdown.


      Jack Spicer: The game is called Race or something. Coins fall from the sky, which is kinda scary, and everyone has to grab them to earn points. Points make your flag go up the flagpole. Raise your flag to the top and win the showdown.

      It and Bots

      Jack Spicer: The game is called It. And being It is way bad. Even worse than the stuff you find between your toes. In this version, my jack bots target the sorry fool who is it. Whoever is It needs to kick or chop someone else to get rid of It. If you are It, your flag moves down the flagpole. If it hits bottom, you're out. Last person standing wins.


      Jack Spicer: The game is called Score. All you gotta do is grab an item, run toward your goal, and throw the item in your goal. It's simple enough for a xiaolin loser to understand. Every goal you score moves your flag up the flagpole. Score enough points and you'll win the showdown.

      King of the Moving Hill

      Chase Young: The game is called King of the Hill, but in this more intense version, the hill's location moves. The first one strong enough to reach the hill becomes the king and their flag goes up the pole. Raise it to the top to win the showdown along with my respect. Fail to do so and all you'll win is my pity.

      Race For More

      Chase Young: The game is Race. Coins fall. You grab them and win points. Win enough points, your flag moves up the pole and you win.

      Score (with Chase Young)

      Chase Young: The game is Score. All you must do is grab the item, run towards the goal, and toss it in. For every goal you score, your flag moves up. Score enough points and you win. Just play it smart and don't be a Jack Spicer.

      It and It

      Chase Young: The game is called It and being It is something I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. Well, maybe I would. In this version, two people are It. Whoever is It needs to use martial arts skills against someone else to get rid of It. If your flag reaches the bottom while you are It then you're knocked out. Last person standing wins.

      King of the Erupting Hill

      Chase Young: The game is King of the Hill. The first to reach the hill becomes king. The rest will perish. But beware. The hill can turn into a dangerous trap at times. It's a battle for life with death as its consequence. The king's flag will move up the flagpole until the showdown is won. Fail and you will rot in oblivion, forever.

      Race To Safety

      Chase Young: The game is Race to Safety. Everyone races to grab the coins. Those who get a coin are safe. The others will perish. The gold coins are worth more points than the silver and the silver more than the bronze. Points make your flag move up the pole. If it reaches the top, you win the showdown. If not, I pity your existence.


      Character Select Screen

      (Dojo will say one of these lines when you get to the character select screen.)

      Dojo: Grab yourself a monk and let's get started!

      Dojo: Who's going to kick evil butt today?

      Dojo: So, which one of you is going to save the world this time?

      Adventure Stage Select Screen

      (Dojo will say one of these lines when you get to the stage select screen in Adventure Mode.)

      Dojo: So, where we going? I hope we're back in time for dinner.

      Dojo: Thank you for choosing Dojo airlines. Please choose a destination.

      Dojo: So kids, where do you want to kick evil butt or get your butt kicked, however it turns out?

      Showdown Select Screen

      (Dojo will say one of these lines when you get to the stage select screen in Showdown Mode.)

      Dojo: Hmm, here's an idea. Pick a showdown you can win.

      Dojo: Ok, time to choose the showdown to play. Yeah, I mean now! You can grab a snack later.

      Dojo: Ooh, it's time for a showdown!

      Wu Select Screen (Before Adventure Mode)

      (Dojo will say one of these lines when you get to the wu select screen.)

      Dojo: Ok kids... and ex-kids, this is where you pick shen gong wu to take on your quest. You can learn more juicy tidbits on any of the wu. Also, if you see a coin next to the wu, you can buy that wu using blessing coins. Oh come on, we don't have all day!

      Dojo: Quick, grab your shen gong wu and hop on the Dojo express.

      Wu Select Screen (Before Showdown in Adventure Mode)

      (Dojo will say one of these lines when you get to the wu select screen before a xiaolin showdown in Adventure Mode.)

      Dojo: Time to wager a wu! Here's a tip: pick one that will help you WIN the showdown.

    Dojo: Well, this is it. Pick the wu you wanna wager. Just remember, the world as we know it may be at stake. No pressure.

    Scroll Piece Appearance

    (Dojo will say one of these lines when a piece of a scroll appears in a level.)

    Dojo: Look, look! A piece of the scroll!

    Dojo: Ooh, another scroll piece!

    Dojo: Hey, we're in luck. I see another piece of a scroll!

    Dojo: Shake a leg! There's another scroll piece to get!

    Dojo: Hmm, there's another scroll piece around here somewhere. So get off your keester and find it!

    Dojo: Hey, it's another part of a scroll!


    (Dojo will say one of these lines when a piece of scroll has appeared in the stage but you are standing around, not trying to grab it or defeat any of the enemies guarding it.)

    Dojo: Hey, wake up and grab that piece of scroll!

    Dojo: Hey, don't be such a Dojo and find that piece of scroll! Ouch. Cheap shot to me.

    Dojo: Wake up and smell the cocoa! You've got things to do!

    Ying Yang World

    (When you enter the Ying Yang World bonus level in the first, second, or third stage of the game.)

    Dojo: Alright everybody, this is the Ying Yang world. Pretty cool, huh? Anyway, power ups and blessing coins are stashed behind the big pots. You have a short time to collect as much loot as you can.


    • (After Dojo gives a description of the shen gong wu in adventure mode in the first level.)
    • Omi, Raimundo, Kimiko, Clay: Let's go, xiaolin showdown!
    • (right before the showdown starts)
    • Omi, Raimundo, Kimiko, Clay, Jack Spice (or Chase Young): Gong-Yi-Tan Pai!

    Stage Clear

    (The characters will say one of these lines after clearing a stage in Adventure Mode or completing a showdown in Showdown Mode.)

    Raimundo: Too bad evil dude, but when you take on the best, you end up the worst.

    Kimiko: Looks like this xiaolin warrior still rocks!

    Omi: Yes! I have truly impressed myself and I am not easily impressed.

    Clay: Yeehaw! That evildoer is lower than a three legged cow caught in quicksand.

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