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Toshiro Tohomiko


Affiliated with: Kimiko, Tomoko
Place of origin: 🇯🇵 Tokyo, Japan
Introduced in: Tangled Web
Last seen in: The Return of PandaBubba
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Toshiro Tohomiko


Affiliated with: Kimiko
Place of origin: Tokyo, Japan
Introduced in: Tokyo Madness
Voiced by: Eric Bauza
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Toshiro Tohomiko was Kimiko and Tomoko's father and the owner/operator of Tohomiko Electronics, the biggest electronics company in all of Asia. He's the patriarch of the Tohomiko Family.


Mr. Tohomiko was the father of Kimiko Tohomiko and Tomoko Tohomiko. He owned and operated Tohomiko Electronics, the biggest electronics company in all of Asia, which was headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.[1]

Mr. Tohomiko reappeared in Xiaolin Chronicles.


Toshiro Tohomiko was a hard-working but very fun adult who was still a kid at heart. He loved his job, and was almost always seen smiling. He's also a generous, caring person. He gave Kimiko and the other monks some of his latest products as a welcoming present when they came to visit. Despite Tomoko being away most of time he still appears to care for her.

Physical appearances

Toshiro Tohomiko was a short, middle-aged man with graying black hair and hairy arms, who wore large, black, square-framed glasses. Despite his position as a business owner, he dressed very casually in his only appearance thus far, wearing a beige jacket, a green shirt with an orange smiley face on it, and brown pants.

Powers and Weaknesses

One thing that could be considered a weakness of Mr. Tohomiko was that he may have had a tendency to be too trusting, seeing as how he had signed on PandaBubba as a business partner without researching who he was.


Mr. Tohomiko had a very close, loving relationship with his daughters, Kimiko and Tomoko, who are presumably his only children, since no other Tohomiko children are ever seen or mentioned.

Also, Kimiko and Tomoko's mother was never seen or mentioned on the show, so it can be assumed that she and Mr. Tohomiko are either divorced, were never married or their mother passed away sometime before her youngest daughter got accepted into the temple and her oldest daughter became an inter-dimensional spy.

Major Battles

Mr. Tohomiko never participated in any battles.

Episode Appearances

Xiaolin Showdown Xiaolin Chronicles

Season One

Season Two

Season One

Did You Know...?

  • Despite his carefree demeanor, Mr. Tohomiko had many valuable connections throughout Asia, including the emperor of China. He had once used these connections to help the Xiaolin monks gain VIP access into a Chinese palace to retrieve a Shen Gong Wu.[2]
  • His gifts to the Xiaolin monks and Dojo make continuous appearances.


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