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Tomoko Tohomiko


Affiliated with: Kimiko, Toshiro
Place of origin: 🇯🇵 Tokyo, Japan
Introduced in: The Mask of the Green Monkey
Last seen in: Tigress Woo
Voiced by: Cree Summer
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Tomoko Tohomiko, also known as Tigress Woo, was the sister of Kimiko Tohomiko, daughter of Toshiro Tohomiko and an inter-dimensional spy. She was a member of the Tohomiko Family.



Tomoko was very open-hearted towards all of the Xiaolin Monks, however she was rarely seen smiling. Her kindness seemed to connect to her spy work. She used it as a fake disguise for being a double agent.

She was very skillful and suave, and she had sly, deceiving ability that allowed her to fool the monks. She extraordinarily defied gravity similar to Kimiko, however she did not have the Xiaolin training her sister had.

Physical Appearance

Tigress had orange hair, brown eyes, and pale skin. She wore a light purple mask along with a light purple cape, yellow shirt, light green trousers and black gloves.

Powers and Weaknesses

  • Inter-Dimensional Traveling: She was able to travel from dimension to dimension using the gauntlet mounted on her right arm. Or by whirling the Sword of Phantom in her left hand while calling out its name.


  • Kimiko Tohomiko - She was Tigress's younger sister, although throughout most of Kimiko's childhood she was busy with being the secret agent and warrior of many dimensions she was assigned to. However she does try to keep her and her sister's relationship as close as possible.
  • Toshiro Tohomiko - She was Tigress's father, despite not being seen together he cares for her and does not fault her for her time away from home due to her work.

Episode Appearances

Xiaolin Chronicles

Season One


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