This article is written from an out of universe real word perspective.
Deluxe Dojo

This is a timeline based in the events related to the series. So far, most of this is theoretical based upon actual dates given in the series.

Historical Timeline

Historical Timeline
Date Events
c.2000 BC Gigi is planted and destroys everything in its path.
Before 503 CE Wuya, Dashi, Chase, Guan, Hannibal Roy Bean and Salvador Cumo are born.
503-504 CE Wuya and Dashi battle at the first Xiaolin Showdown. The Shen Gong Wu are made. Wuya loses the Showdown and gets trapped inside a Wooden Puzzle Box. Dojo Kanojo Cho is born and spreads the Shen Gong Wu, all over the world along with Dashi. Chucky Choo is born. Mala Mala Jong is created.
504-505 CE Chase becomes evil by accepting Hannibal's offer to sell his soul by drinking the Lao Mang Lone Soup. Chase traps Hannibal inside the Ying-Yang World. Guan become a Xiaolin Dragon. Dojo destroyes Atlantis.
505 CE-c.1400 CE Chase travelles around the world and battles many famous warriors. Every warrior he wins, he/she becomes a member of his Fallen Warriors
1950s-1990s Master Fung, Omi, Raimundo, Kimiko, Clay, Ping Pong, Mr. Bailey, Jermaine, Mr. Tohomiko, Tubbimura, Katnappe, Le Mime, Jessie, Megan and PandaBubba are born.
2003-2005 The events of Xiaolin Showdown are happening
2005-2006 Wuya is somehow getting trapped inside the Puzzle Box again. Chase steals some of the Shen Gong Wu that the Xiaolin Monks have. Shadow joins Chase. Ping Pong decides to become a member of his all-time heroes, the Xiaolin Monks.
2006-today The events of Xiaolin Chronicles are happening

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