I am one with the Cosmos.
Tai Shui

Tai Shui.png

Affiliated with: Neutral
Rank: God
Element: Divine
Signature Weapon: Divine
Place of origin: Xiaolin Chronicles
Introduced in: Fly the Dragon!
Last seen in: Fly the Dragon!
Voiced by: Eric Bauza
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Tai Shui is the Cosmic Dragon and the God that created the Xiaolin Showdown Universe.



In the beginning, there was vast emptiness of space. Out of the explosion was dragon made of infinity of stars. Out of it's tremendous breath was four elements; fire, water, earth and wind. The breath was then used to create the entire multiverse with the infinity of dimensions. With it's tremendous breath of four elements, it had created the earth and humans in it's own likeness.

Returning to deep slumber

After creating the earth, humans worshiped the dragon made of infinity of stars and named it Tai Shui. Tai Shui goes into deep slumber in the ocean, transforming itself into a large island. The humans still give praised to Tai Shui, however the humans became corrupted by the evil warlord named Heylin. Heylin wanted to control the entire universe and sought to destroy those who would oppose her all of which would become the Xiaolin Warriors by transforming into a giant dragon. One of the Xiaolin Warriors, Hashi sought to wake up Tai Shui through honor and wisdom and thanks to his efforts, Tai Shui awoke and was aware of Heylin's attempt to take over the universe. Tai Shui managed to defeat Heylin by translating (imprisoning) her into another dimension not before Heylin vowed he would one day return by creating the evil witch Wuya.

Xiaolin Chronicles

Tai Shui was awakened by Omi and Kimiko Tohomiko and knows Chase Young's attempt to destroy the universe. Tai Shui has finally imprisoned him into another dimension.


Physical appearances

Tai Shui is the massive four winged and limbless dragon made of infinity of stars.

Powers and Weaknesses


  • Immortality: Tai Shui is able to had lived over 20,000 years ago.
  • Shapeshifting: Additionally, he was able to change his shape at will.
  • Fire breathing: As a dragon, he could breathe fire. 
  • Flight: He was capable of flying through the air at great heights.




Omi tries to wake him up due to Tai Shui being a deep sleeper.

Kimiko Tohomiko

Kimiko Tohomiko bears the strong resemblance to the woman, Hashi.


Chase Young

Tai Shui translated Chase for his attempt to destroy the universe.


Tai Shui has the common rivalry with Heylin. Tai Shui translated Heylin to stop her from ruling the universe.

Major Battles



  • Tai Shui is a Chinese term for the stars directly opposite Jupiter during its roughly 12-year orbital cycle. Personified as deities, they are important features of Chinese astrology, Feng Shui, and Taoism.