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First seen in "Shen Yi Bu." This is when two Shen Gong Wu are wagered and used instead of one. The number of people does not matter; for example, it can be a 2 vs. 2 showdown, with each team sharing their two Wu. According to Master Fung at the end of this episode, there has not been a Shen Yi Bu Dare in many centuries because it is very difficult.


  • Participants must use two Shen Gong Wu.
  • Participants can exchange their wus between them

Used in

  • Shen Yi Bu
  • My Homey Omi
  • Sizing Up Omi
  • The Deep Freeze
  • The Demon Seed


Shen Yi Bu All In

First seen in "The Return of Master Monk Guan". According to the rules, one side can go all in by calling a Shen Yi Bu All In. By doing this, both sides agree on betting all their Shen Gong Wu. This can be done in the middle of a showdown, but those who participate can only use one Shen Gong Wu.

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