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Mask of the Green Monkey

Mask of the green monkey.JPG

Location found: Land of a Thousand Miseries
Introduced in: The Mask of the Green Monkey
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The Mask of the Green Monkey, was the sister talisman to the Eye of Onyx and was considered so powerful that not be controlled by one person alone.


It was a mask like a monkey face. The eyes were green and shined. The mouth smiled. The face was green and the head-yellow.


This Talisman is enough powerful to create nuclear explosions. In combination with the Eye of Onyx, it could block every galactic portal. Other powers are unknown.


Episode Appearances

Xiaolin Chronicles


Xiaolin Chronicles
  • Warden (113: The Mask of the Green Monkey)
  • Xiaolin (113: The Mask of the Green Monkey)
  • Lost (113: The Mask of the Green Monkey - )


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