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List of Xiaolin Chronicles Shen Gong Wu

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Currently known Shen Gong Wu from Xiaolin Chronicles.

Name Picture Ability
Bubble Brains Could transform a person into a ghost and vise versa.
Monkey SpearTurned the user into a monkey. Released a mob of monkey spirits.
Orb of TorpedoReleased large floods of water. Could also release ice.
Wuzzy Bunny Released mystic gas that confused those who came in contact with it.
Fist of the Iron Bear Fist of the Iron Bear vector Allowed the user to punch with incredible strength.
Sword of Lucida Sword of Lucida vector Released great amounts of wind.
Hanabi Star Hanabi Star vector Released powerful fireballs.
Morphing Chopsticks Could decrease someone's size.
Shroud of Monster Camo Could make the user invisible, but occasionally it caused the user to be visible.
Medusa Comb Medusa Comb vector Could extend its comb teeth into long, stringy strands.
Whoabopop Could release balls that bounce everywhere endlessly.
Blue Ray Manta Ray Could transform into a big, ancient aircraft.
Honey Badger Could turn something real, unreal and vise versa.
Tongue of Cherokee Could make the user talk and control the animals.
Xeno Fly Could turn the user into a fly.
Sapphire Dragon Fly Could boost up someone's energy.
Cannon de LopezCould release massive gasses from the buttom of the user.
Cheetah Claws Could create a bubble that made the user travel to the past.
Vest of Kimiku Its powers are currently unknown.
Quantum Wand Could send people and objects to the future.
Gohan Gopher Could produce layser beams and make the user fly.
Banyan Twister Could make the user extremely flexible.

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