This is a comrpised list of techniques that were used throughout both series.

Xiaolin techniques

  • Jumping Tiger
  • Hidden Monkeys
  • Bison Stompin Crane
  • Wasp Stinging Flower
  • Masquito at Rest
  • Duck Eatting Crackers
  • Grasshopper doing Dog Paddle
  • Monkey Punch
  • Monkey Strike
  • Leoperd Attack
  • Leopard Strike
  • Lotus Strike
  • Spell Eating Dirt
  • Kick and Cancel
  • Butterfly fools Moth on Cypress Tree
  • Repel the Beast
  • Peacock Fanning Feathers

Mentioned techniques

  • Spider Doing Hoky Poky

Xiaolin Formations

Aprentice Dragon

Wudai Warrior

  • Wudai Orion Formation: taught during Wudai Warrior level.
  • Wudai Iron Palm: A combined Wudai attack that has only been used once that increases the power and strength of the user to the point that they could smash large boulders at will.

Tai Chi movements

  • Repulse the Monkey: One of Chase Young's signature moves, used to repel incoming attacks from an opponent. It was also used by Omi and Jermaine.

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