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Affiliated with: Jack Spicer
Element: None
Appearance: The Deep Freeze
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Dude-Bot was a humanoid robot created by Jack Spicer and fitted with the Heart of Jong to grant him human emotions.


Dude-Bot was employed by Jack in an attempt to retrieve the Lunar Locket Shen Gong Wu. While battling Raimundo Pedrosa, Kimiko Tohomiko, Omi, and Clay Bailey, he attempted to interact with them in a friendly fashion, but was rebuffed time and again for being a robot and their foe. Eventually, the constant rejection proved too much for him, and he removed the Heart of Jong from his chest and threw it into a nearby chasm. However, this would have consequences in the form of giving live to the evil snowman Raksha.


Dude-Bot seems to have been programmed to resemble an old-time sitcom dad, judging by such remarks as "tossing around the old pig-skin." He seemed upbeat and positive for the majority of his active time, but became tearful and sad after being constantly rejected by the Xiaolin Dragons.


Dude-Bot resembles a human clad in business attire, with dress shoes, pants, a white shirt and tie, and a sweater vest. He had yellow skin and brown hair, and a mark under one eye matching that of his creator.


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