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Deluxe Dojo
Deluxe Dojo
Deluxe Dojo
Manufacturer's suggested retail price
$14.99 USD


The Deluxe Dojo is kit that contains figures of the Xiaolin Showdown characters.


The Deluxe Dojo Set contains a large replica of Dojo in his large state. This toy can be re-adjusted, advertised as "poseable", meaning it can have several different poses. It was released in the fall of 2004.

Product Details

  • Name: Xiaolin Showdown Deluxe Figure Dojo
  • Manufacturer: Toy Play
  • For ages: 4 and up
  • Name: Xiaolin Showdown Deluxe Figure Dojo
  • Description: Dojo, aka the Magical Dragon. A 1,500 year old, fire breathing dragon. He is the guardian of the ancient scroll of Shen Gong Wu.

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