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Affiliated with: Jack Spicer
Appearance: The Sands of Time
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The Cheerleader-Bots were bots designed by Jack Spicer, to look and act like cheerleaders.



While only robots, they had a rather perky disposition, as they were nearly always seen smiling and repeatedly chanted "Go, Evil, go!" in a typical cheerleader fashion. They reacted quite somberly when covered in water.

Physical appearances

The Cheerleader Bots were designed to resemble teenage girls with high ponytails, wearing yellow, red and black cheerleader uniforms with the letter "J" on their shirts. They carried yellow pom-poms and had the design of Jack's signature eye make up on their faces.


  • Flight:Cheerleader-Bots can flight.They can also transfer another person.
  • Superhuman Strength:Cheerleader-Bots are seen that they have enough strength to take on of the Xiaolin Warriors.
  • Powerful Kick:Their kicks are enough powerful to bump the Xiaolin Warriors.
  • Double Kick:Cheerleader-Bots can do a small team of two so they an defeat their enemies.The double kick is so powerful that can break rocks.
  • Pom Pom Attack: They can transform their pom poms into to fireballs.
  • Moving Pyramid:They can do a moving pyramid.



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