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Chameleon Bot-0
Affiliated with: Heylin
Introduced in: Chameleon
Last seen in: Time After Time: Part II
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The Chameleon-Bot was considered to be Jack Spicer's greatest robot creation and was a regular villain in the series prior to Chase Young's appearance in the opening theme.


The Chameleon Bot had the unique ability to take the shape of anything or anybody.


Chameleon Bot

As a robot, Chameleon-Bot do not have any personality. However, his AI alows him to imitate others behavior and adapt to different situation if its needed. However, there are some glitches in this system; when robot was able to almost perfectly copy Wuyas routine, his Kimiko imitation wasn't even close to her original character. This may be explain by fact that Jack didn't known Kimiko as much as Wuya, so he programmed the robot as he thought Kimiko is like. Chameleon-bot also needs some time to process new information. It is established that, when robot is not imitating other people, it may also speak for itself and behave like a free-will, intelligent creature, limited only by his obedience to his creator.




  • Royal Rumble is the only episode when Chameleon-Bot speaks without shape-shifting and it's voice is programmed as a female voice although Chameleon-Bot is not a female as robots are genderless which means not a male or female.

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