Catatonia Land

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Appearance: Katnappe!
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Catatonia Land is a cat-themed amusement park in the Xiaolin Showdown-series.


Catatonia Land was a theme park revolving around the design of cats. Every building, ride, and decorative scenery resembles felines in one way or another. According to what Kimiko Tohomiko read on her laptop, Catatonia Land is the best amusement park in the world, as it has "the scariest roller coasters, the fastest rides, and the best cotton candy anywhere!" This park was also shown to have sold green cat-face hats, ice cream cones, and balloons. The fastest (and scariest) ride at the park is the Nine Lives Coaster.


After Katnappe had stolen the Golden Tiger Claws, she went on a crime spree, which ended at this location. After two previous victories, she was defeated by the Xiaolin Dragons-in-Training at this amusement park. Catatonia Land is also the place where Omi sent the Golden Tiger Claws to the center of the earth, so that they wouldn't end up in the wrong hands.


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