MA Scroll

The Ancient Scroll

The Ancient Scroll of the Shen Gong Wu is an ancient artifact belonging to the Xiaolin Monks in Xiaolin Showdown and it's sequel Xiaolin Chronicles.


The Ancient Scroll is the Xiaolin Monks' main source of information regarding Shen Gong Wu. Whenever a Shen Gong Wu reveals itself, the scroll will reveal that Shen Gong Wu, what ability it possesses and a little cartoon figure that performs the action. It also contains other information such as the Shen Yi Bu Dare and how to combine Shen Gong Wu.


XC Dodgeball Bat scroll

The Ancient Scroll in Xiaolin Chronicles


  • It is believed that Grand Master Dashi created the scroll after he hid all the Shen Gong Wu so that when it came time to collect them again, the ones collecting them would have all the knowledge they needed.

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