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Bootleg Xiaolin Book

Lastly, I went on Epic and I saw a bootleg Xiaolin book called "Tao The Little Samurai"! D:
The book is like Xiaolin because of the similar characters and storyline.
Tao = Omi
Kat = Kimiko
Lee = Raimundo
Ray = Clay
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Is Xiaolin Chronicles over?

I'm confused i haven't seen that show in a while and I wasn't quite fond of the CGI transition when the showdowns happened (And Jack's new voice). So um is the show over? I thought it was meant to be a sequel?
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Cool Fanon!

I just wanted to let you know of a cool new fanon about Xiaolin Showdown! It's really well written and I would recommend it to every single Xiaolin Showdown Fan.
Here's a link of the fanon! :D Have fun!
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Xiaolinpedia:Arena: ULTIMATE FINAL BATTLE! Raimundo vs Wuya

New Battle at the Temple Arena:
Raimundo vs Wuya who would win ?
Tell us about your opinion and vote
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Xiaolinpedia:Arena: Shadow vs Wuya

New Battle at the Temple Arena:
Shadow vs Wuya who would win ?
Tell us about your opinion and vote
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Xiaolinpedia:Arena: Raimundo vs Dojo

New Battle at the Temple Arena:
Raimundo vs Dojo who would win ?
Tell us about your opinion and vote
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Chronicles Update

The series will be shown online in a to be determined form.
A movie may or may not appear in the future.
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Xiaolinpedia:Arena: Shadow vs Hannibal Bean

New Battle at the Temple Arena:
Shadow vs Hannibal Bean who would win ?
Tell us about your opinion and vote
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Lao Mang Lone soup

Wiki quote: "In order to retain their human form, the user must drink the soup everyday, otherwise he/she would be in their true form, incapable of changing back to human."
My question; If Chase, say, didn’t drink the soup on Monday and lost his human form, would he regain it on Tuesday when he drank the soup again? I’m trying to figure out how the soup works in terms of permanence. Will the soup still have all the same effects on Chase, besides a human form, until he consumes the soup again?
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About The Treasure of the Blind Swordsman

Can this article (The Treasure of the Blind Swordsman) grant ANY wish?
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More about Chase

I really like Chase as he is an true villian and quite amusing from time to time, but I feel that we do not know much about him. Yes he turned to the side of evil but is the reason really power and yought? Maybe there was something else? O and seriously he being related to Omi? I do not think so.....
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Xiaolinpedia:Arena: Dojo vs Jack

New Battle at the Temple Arena:
Dojo vs Jack who would win ?
Tell us about your opinion and vote
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Chase Young page is too biased

The Relationships section of the Chase Young page is too ship-heavy and completely omits Jack. This seems unfair considering hes a pretty major character with strong emotions towards Chase that is part of both Chronicles and Showdown, as opposed to Shadow who is just in Chronicles. I'd edit the page myself but I feel like doing so would anger someone or get me blocked
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Heads Up: Chronicles Airdates

Disney XD plans to burn out five episodes next week, starting on Monday. These are out of production order, so take note when editing.
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Reminder: Alternate Timelines

Xiaolin Chronicles and Xiaolin Showdown occur as alternate timelines. Chronicles is not a sequel rather than a spin off. When making edits on the character Biographies and histories, do not note Chronicles as a sequel. Each is seperate with the events being non-continuous.
TL; DR: XC and XS aren't the same. Please don't refer to them as the same in character pages.
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How to edit Omi's article

The article says that he's enhanced to "near superhuman" levels, which is obviously incoherent, because that would simply be peak human. However, Omi is still casually past peak human without much problem, being the the was casually walking on his freaking fingers in the first episode. They all have far beyond normal human sipped, agility, and reflexes. How can I fix this error?
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Xiaolinpedia:Arena: Raimundo vs Kimiko

New Battle at the Temple Arena:
Raimundo vs Kimiko: who would win ?
Comment about your opinion and vote.
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Xiaolin Chronicles: Season 2 (Coming Soon)

Christy Hui has announced in the latest XC newsletter that a 2nd Season of Xiaolin Chronicles is on the horizon as Season 1 is appearently nearing its conclusion soon.
The first detials for Season 2 can be read here:
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XC returns on February 1, 2014

The XC Facebook page has confirmed the date that XC will return to our televisions.  The special day is February 1 of the new year, although I don't believe that the name of the new episode has been announced yet.
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